Golders Cottage House Plan

707 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt
Wellington, New Zealand

In 1876 John Golder built "Straven Cottage", as he had named it then, and it was a two story home with two rooms downstains and two upstairs. On the plan below this is the middle section "Bedroom 2 & Living space 2" together with the upstairs bedrooms on the right - noted as "Bedroom 4 & Bedroom 5"

In 1884 John added the two extra rooms for his growing family. On the plan these are shown as "Bedroom 3 & Eating space"

About 1900 he added the two front rooms named "Living space 1 & Bedroom 1"

Around 1922 we think Eric Scholes added the "Scullery, Cooking and Bathroom to the rear of the house"

There were also other outbuildings on the section.

This is a plan of the current layout of the house. John Golder had named it Straven Cottage.

Cottage Plan