Golder’s Cottage Museum

707 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt
Wellington, New Zealand

This is a plan of the current layout of the house. John Golder had named it Straven Cottage.

Cottage Plan

In 1876 John Golder built Straven Cottage, as he named it then, and was a two story home with two rooms downstains and two upstairs. On the above plan this is the middle section "Bedroom 2 & Living space 2" together with the upstairs bedrooms on the right - noted as "Bedroom 4 & Bedroom 5"

In 1884 John added the two extra rooms for his growing family. On the plan these are shown as "Bedroom 3 & Eating space"

About 1900 he added the two front rooms named "Living space 1 & Bedroom 1"

Around 1922 John added the "Scullery, Cooking and Bathroom to the rear of the house"

There were also other outbuildings on the section.