Golder Family

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1. Robert Golder (1877 - 1945)

( ancestors William Robert, James, William, William, William, William, ??? )

Robert was born1,2 on 5 Feb 1877, 30 minutes past 12am, at Nimos Land, 73 Hamilton Street, Govan, Lanark, Scotland. He was baptised on 4 March 1877. Robert resided in 75 Hamilton Street, Govan, Lanark, Scotland. He was employed as a Shipbuilders Clerk. He was a journalist in his later years and he was the editor of a local newspaper in Glasgow The Govan Press, I have his obituary printed by his newspaper.

Marriage (1)

Robert married1 Christina Bell (1877 - 1910) on 17 Dec 1897 in Govan, Lanark, Scotland. Christina was born2 in 1877 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.


Robert died3 on 19 Sep 1945 in Blythswood, Lanark, Scotland.

His first wife Christina died3 on 14 Jan 1910 in Hillhead, Lanark, Scotland.

His second wife Mary died on 14 Jan 1928 in Paisley, Gasgow, Scotland.

His third wife Margaret died2 in 1945 in Tradeston, Lanark, Scotland.


Robert and Christina had the following children:

1.1 Janet Hill Golder (1898 - 1958)

1.2 Catherine (Kate) Dougan Golder (1898 - 1922)

was born1 on 13 Apr 1898 in Johnstone, Govan, Lanark, Scotland. 2nd photo is Janet and Katy - twin sisters


Catherine died2 on 21 Jan 1922 in Govan, Lanark, Scotland.

1.3 William Golder (1899 - 1918)

was born1 on 13 Jul 1899 in Dunbarton, Dunbarton, Scotland. William was employed4 in the Armed Forces.


William died2,3 on 5 Oct 1918 in France - Service and War Returns. He was buried in Military Cemetery, Tincourt ?, Nr Peronne in Nth France.

Killed in action 1918

Notes from a relative :- "His brother William was in the Royal Scots Regt. in the 1914-18 war, he was wounded in action,and died of his wounds, he is buried at Tincourt-Boucly war cemetery near Perrone. My wife and I have visited his grave. He did his basic army training in Mullingar in Ireland, the barracks are still there."

Note from Robert McDermont

Tincourt-Boucly is in France, Flander’s to be precise. The photograph is of his grave, the little black marker in front of it was put there by me on the 80th anniversary of his death. He was wounded attacking the village of Sequhart to the east of T-Boucly, he was taken to the field hospital at T-Boucly where he died of his wounds. The map shows T-Boucly at the top, to the east of Perrone. This is a photograph of him. Reading the first letter it traces his journey from Edinburgh to Ireland, he did all his training in Mullingar in the middle of the country.

1.4 Robert Golder (1901 - 1915)

was born1 on 26 Nov 1901 in Govan, Lanark, Scotland.


Robert died in 1915 in Paisley, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.

1.5 Andrew Bell Golder (1904 - 1975)

1.6 Margaret Fleming Golder (1905 - ????)

1.7 Quintin (Rev) Golder (1909 - ????)

1.8 John Angus Golder (1910 - 1978)

Janet Hill Golder ( 1898 - 1958 ) Catherine (Kate) Dougan Golder ( 1898 - 1922 ) Open in new window

Janet & Catherine Golder

Catherine (Kate) Dougan Golder ( 1898 - 1922 ) Open in new window

Janet & Catherine Golder

William Golder ( 1899 - 1918 ) Open in new window

William Golder

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Recognition from King George, Buckingham Palace, for William Golder & Tincourt-Boucly where William is buried

Marriage (2)

Robert married1 Mary Mossie (abt.1878 - 1928) on 9 Jan 1911 in Dennistoun, Lanark, Scotland. Mary was born about 1878.


Robert and Mary had the following children:

1.9 Sarah Carson Golder (1912 - 1919)

was born1in 1912 in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.


She died in 1919 in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.

1.10 Mary Helen Golder (1916 - 1922)

was born1 in 1916 in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.


She died on 12 Mar 1922 in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland.

Marriage (3)

Robert married1 Margaret Bullock (1887 - 1945)
daughter of Joseph Bullock and Catherine Batheman on 22 Jan 1929 in Strathaven, Avondale, Lanark, Scotland. Margaret was born in 1887. Robert and Margaret had no children.

Mary Bullock ( 1887 - 1945 ) Robert Golder ( 1877 - 1945 ) Open in new window

Mary Bullock